Agile Development + DevOps + Cloud = Let’s Rock!!

Purposeful View: Automating Agile Software Development, DevOps in the Cloud deliver customer focused high quality code rapidly at substantial savings!!! (by Chander Khanna, 25 September 2012)


We know that development, testing, and maintenance of software in a public or private Cloud represents one of the easiest use cases for starting your journey to the Cloud. We also know that Agile Software Development methodologies for software building, testing and deployment help deliver customer focused high-quality software more rapidly and cost effectively.

Many key resource requirements for Agile Software development are very well aligned with the business values delivered by the Cloud. Key examples include:

  • support for frequent and minimally predictable on-demand variable workloads during development, testing and deployment;
  • support for geographically distributed development teams;
  • support for highly interactive collaboration and unified communication tools; and
  • support for automating software delivery procedures.

We also know that a lot of activity and content is repeatable in any software development project. This is where DevOps comes into play and adds its value to software development at the Cloud infrastructure level and beyond. The fundamental concept behind the success of DevOps is based on the assumption that all elements of the technology infrastructure can be controlled by code (or in the worst case; scripts). This concept is truer for the Cloud than for the traditional infrastructure. Some of the repeatable software development operations (DevOps) ideally suited for automating in the Cloud include:

  • automating provisioning or de-provisioning of VMs;
  • automating support for self-healing in the event of losing VMs;
  • support for roles-based identity management and access controls; and
  • automating report generation or analysis of processes and workflow.

Cloud delivers unprecedented business value in combining and automating the roles of development managers, software developers and IT administrators.

Our view: Substantial benefits in cost, quality and time to market can be realized in software development as teams go beyond using DevOps processes to streamline software engineering and IT operations and leverage automating them in the Cloud.

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