Are the Clouds Falling?

Purposeful View: A look at the TechTarget 2012 Global IT Forecast (by Walt Lapinsky, 2 March 2012)


TechTarget asked 2,642 IT professionals and business analysts around the world for their 2012 IT forecasts on a variety of subjects ranging from Windows 7 migration, adoption of the new tablet platform in the business, and the Cloud.

Not surprisingly, these predictions vary by geography. In the US, the top IT priority in 2012: Windows 7 migration. Their prediction on the Cloud in 2012: “IT pros always talk the talk when it comes to investing in cloud. Our annual survey suggests they're still not be ready to walk the walk in 2012.” For the near-term, most companies moving to the Cloud are actively pursuing SaaS (Software as a Service) deployments. Private Clouds are also getting attention, with Public Cloud deployments at a lower focus.

In the UK and Europe, the top priorities are virtualization, Cloud Computing and compliance.

In India, SaaS is forecast to make large gains in Cloud adoption.

Is the Cloud dead, or is the whole idea in question? We do not see that. What we observe is a general reluctance to make change in a sea of unknowns. Every business is facing uncertainty due to the worldwide financial situation. In some countries the government is adding even more unknowns, like the health care situation in the US, or what to do with the Euro in Europe. Company leaders do not see a short-term way out of the mess and do not know even what direction the economy is headed, both globally and locally. As a result, they talk about doing a lot of things, but are more likely to not make substantive changes for fear of guessing wrong.

The promise of the Cloud is still strong. The health of the vast majority of Cloud Service Companies is sound. Lots of companies are moving to the Cloud and seeing the benefits of reduced cost, more accountability for IT, and increased agility. Perhaps just as important, these companies are able to focus more on their business than on their IT.

Our view: Now may be the best time to plan and execute at least the start of your journey to the Cloud. Nothing comes close to the Cloud in its ability to react as unknowns become knowns. Make your company ready to take advantages of opportunities or reduce the costs of risks. Whether growth or decline, merger or acquisition, or even a significant change in your corporate direction is in your future, you will be better prepared in the Cloud.

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