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Purposeful View: Cloudy Cloud comprehension can cause business calamity (by David Wesley Tonkin, 17 November 2011)


If your strategic motivational coercion or imperative is reducing IT costs, or better enabling your teams with the vivid advantage of Cloud business functionality and flexibility, you must unambiguously determine which Cloud Computing solutions will be preeminently suited to your unique business and technology requirements.

A business-effective and logical transition to a Cloud Computing solution must be driven by enduring and authentic knowledge that propels sound decisions and actions the CEO, CFO, CIO, and other leaders need to make with “bet-your-business” assurance and zeal. There is a fast-evolving apperception that the propensity for Cloud Computing success will only come to pass when the business decisions drive the technology decisions.

Now the big-money question … when, what, where and how do you need to acquire the knowledge to initially make strategic and tactical “bet-your-business” and eventually Cloud Computing technology decisions?

When? (Is the best time to get the training?)

Weave training into the “fabric” of your project plan for the evolution to a successful Cloud Computing transition. When training happens at the right time you will get the benefit of applying optimum knowledge without the deterioration of learning retention over time. When training is part of the project plan there is a greater propensity that it will be logically sequenced and sufficiently comprehensive to meet everyone’s needs. Training must fit into your real-world schedule and work – learning culture; the vendor must offer you a variety of course delivery options to meet your needs … facilitator-led classroom courses, Internet-based virtual classroom and distance learning alternatives.

What? (Must the courses help you understand initially?)

The initial business decision training must impart the knowledge that enables you to ask and get answers to fundamental questions such as what is the real value of moving your business to the Cloud. What Cloud types and model options are available? Then the all-important; how do we get started with the Cloud; and if necessary, what is the decision criteria and plan for the selection and engagement of the most suitable Cloud Services Provider (CSP) for your needs? Early in the cycle it is essential that you learn how to meet security criteria and performance standards and goals in the Cloud. Your initial training must dexterously guide you to an efficient transition into the Cloud without disruption to your business or customers.

Where? (Will you get the appropriate training?)

The training must initially be “business Swiss” … that’s vendor-neutral! Vendor bias early in your knowledge quest may be a severe restrictor to distinguishing all the Cloud’s potential in direct relationship to your unique business needs. When inaugurating your Cloud Computing learning journey wholesome knowledge fiber is more important than knowledge flavor! Go to the vendor’s Website and intensely investigate the learning on offer and the qualification of their facilitators. Devote time to understanding the courses’ modules and how they blend with, and contributes directly to, your knowledge needs.

How? (Do you find the precisely focused training you need?)

Devote abundant time and effort to researching Cloud Computing training offerings. Find courses that successively take you on the business decision to technology journey. Delve deeply into the course content; not just the training’s marketing hyperbole. Beware; numerous Cloud Computing courses have a shallow “the Cloud is great … and you will love it!” first module then dive with delight into what technology the organization is principally trying to peddle. There will be ample time later in your logical learning sequence to acquire the necessary technical knowledge on Cloud models, types, services and solutions.

Our view: Keeping knowledgeable and current with the Cloud’s benefits, functionality and burgeoning growth is an absolute truth, not just an option, for every business leader and their team today. You will only achieve success when your Cloud Computing business decisions radiate from a sound and timely knowledge base. Training too late is too late. You will not get a “do-over.”

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