Purposeful Views

Purposeful Views offer timely and relevant commentary on recent significant Cloud-related industry events.

The State of the Cloud
Purposeful View: Is the Cloud living up to the hype? February 2013 (by Walt Lapinsky)

How Are Fiscal Cliff Fears Impacting Cloud Computing?
Purposeful View: Find silver linings in the current economic Clouds to align your businesses with the right set of Cloud solutions, December 2012 (by Chander Khanna)

Cloud Computing: Not Just for Geeks Anymore!
Purposeful View: The Cloud is no longer just IT vernacular in the CIOs domain; ever growing numbers of CEOs, CFOs and COOs recognize it as an excellent business tool, December 2012 (by David Wesley Tonkin)

You're on Your Own
Purposeful View: Once again, Congress bails on a cybersecurity bill, November 2012 (by Walt Lapinsky)

Agile Development + DevOps + Cloud = Let’s Rock!!
Purposeful View: Automating Agile Software Development, DevOps in the Cloud deliver customer focused high quality code rapidly at substantial savings!!! September 2012 (by Chander Khanna)

Purposeful View: Google CIO Ben Fried Says Cloud Tipping Point Is At Hand, May 2012 (by Walt Lapinsky)

Should you open your Cloud?
Purposeful View: Will Open Source Clouds rule Private and Hybrid Clouds? May 2012 (by Chander Khanna)

What Hath the Cloud Wrought?
Purposeful View: A lesson from the last print edition of the Encyclopaedia Britannica, March 2012 (by Walt Lapinsky)

Are the Clouds Falling?
Purposeful View: A look at the TechTarget 2012 Global IT Forecast, March 2012 (by Walt Lapinsky)

Keeping Security Up-to-date
Purposeful View: Another reminder of the importance of keeping critical software up-to-date with security patches, January 2012 (by Walt Lapinsky)

Wish I'd Known This Earlier!
Purposeful View: Cloudy Cloud comprehension can cause business calamity, November 2011 (by David Wesley Tonkin)

Amazing, Amazon
Purposeful View on Amazon S3 Encryption, October 2011 (by Walt Lapinsky)

Goodnight, Irene
Purposeful View on Hurricane Irene and why disaster recovery belongs in the Clouds, September 2011 (by Walt Lapinsky)

Is the Cloud a Green Choice? And Why Should We Care?
Purposeful View on the environmental impacts of Cloud Computing, July 2011 (by Barbara Eckman)

Managing Cloud Operations – A Step or Two toward Maturity
Purposeful View on integrating Cloud Services into the Enterprise, July 2011 (by Gene Dahl)

When Will We Stop the Hackers?
Purposeful View: we need to declare war on hackers, June 2011 (by Walt Lapinsky)

Aah, do I have to?
Purposeful View on PCI DSS 2.0 Compliance, May 2011 (by Walt Lapinsky)

Scattered Clouds, with a chance of thunderstorms
Purposeful View of the Amazon Cloud Outage, April 2011 (by Gene Dahl)

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