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Thought Leadership:
Cloud Security Overview

One of the biggest concerns many organizations have with moving to the Cloud is security. If some of your stakeholders share this concern, this session can help put security in the right perspective.


Our Cloud Security Overview session starts by describing the current security climate and how it applies to the Cloud. It ends having demonstrated to your stakeholders that you understand the issues and gives them the confidence that you are taking those security issues seriously.

We can help you craft and, if desired, deliver the right message to get your internal and external stakeholders on board with your journey to the Cloud.

We do this with live sessions tailored to your specific situation and audience. These sessions can be done where the audience works or can use the Internet for remote delivery to reduce or eliminate travel time and cost. They can be modified to fit a variety of times and situations, from very formal presentations followed by a question and answer session to very informal highly interactive sessions. Audience size can range from 1 to 1,000, although formality increases with audience size by necessity. Sessions normally are between 45 and 90 minutes in length, depending on the audience, the message, and the level of interactivity desired.


Our Cloud Security Overview webinar covers topics including:

  • "The Cloud in Two Minutes" — a very brief level-setting view of the Cloud, its benefits and its underlying technology
  • The attributes of data security
  • The threats to data security
  • The potential cost of a data breach
  • The main issue: loss of control
  • Questions you need to get answered before moving to the Cloud
  • Security opportunities with the Cloud

More Information

This session can be customized for your own unique requirements.

These sessions are obviously at a very high level. For comprehensive training, see the Purposeful Clouds Academy.

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