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  • There is still time to register for Chander's live seminar on Cloud Computing for Small Business at Harvard's I-Lab.
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    Walt: The Cloud Hype Cycle -- Gartner's view of the current acceptability of Cloud Computing

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Your Cloud Compass

Welcome to Purposeful Clouds where we simplify your journey to the cloud.  Purposeful clouds helps your company to you make strategic decisions on migrating your business or your mission critical business applications to the Cloud. We assist with planning, design, transition, and support, while insuring uninterrupted operations and data security.

Purposeful Clouds is vendor neutral. Our mission is to become your trusted adviser, and build a long term relationship that provides value to your organization every step of the way. Whether your motivation is reducing IT costs, or better enabling your teams with Cloud business, we can help you determine which Cloud Computing solutions are best suited to your unique business and technology to the Purposeful Clouds Cube

Do you have any of these questions?

  1. Is there real value in moving my business to the Cloud?
  2. How do we get started with the Cloud?
  3. How does my business and IT meet my or my clients' security and performance goals in the Cloud?
  4. How can I smoothly transition into the cloud without disruption to my business or customers?
  5. How can I stay current with the Cloud's burgeoning growth and business value?

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