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Cloud Review Services

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Our Review Services are part of the Support and Review Phase of our Service Methodology. These periodic and special formal reviews provides a chance to reflect on the Cloud implementation and conduct a review of the actual ROI the Cloud has provided. It's an opportunity to shed light on the benefits the Cloud provides your business but also an opportunity to look forward and identify additional opportunities where your organization can benefit from Cloud Computing.


Our Review Services are formal reviews of the current state of your Cloud implementation. They look at:
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) compliance
  • Actual utilization statistics
  • Review actual costs
  • Plot trends in SLA compliance, utilization, and cost
  • Review any strategic or tactical changes in your business that might impact usage of the Cloud
  • Look for opportunities to move additional workloads to the Cloud

We have two flavors of Review Services: Periodic Review Service and Special Review Service.

Periodic Review Service

Our Periodic Review Service is, as the name implies, a Review Service on a specified schedule. Based on the rate of change in your organization and the criticality of the workloads moved to the Cloud, these could be weekly, monthly, quarterly or semi-annual meetings. For frequent meetings, the majority of the meetings might be fairly short (one or two hours) just reviewing the immediate past, with a longer quarterly meeting to cover all of the topics. In most cases, the full meetings should only take two or three hours to conduct, with a report delivered within one or two days of the meeting. Also in most cases, the meetings would be conducted remotely.

Special Review Service

Our Special Review Service is intended when there is some event, past or future, that should be reviewed. It could be a missed SLA, a coming new sales and marketing program, or potential merger or acquisition. Based on the type of event and urgency of the review, we would jointly agree on a time and expected duration of the review meeting.


The deliverable from a Review Service is a Review Report that contains:

  • An executive summary high-level findings and recommendations identified during the review for the benefit of your senior management
  • Details of all SLA, utilization and cost findings discussed in the meeting, plus any trends reviewed
  • Overview of significant recent events or pending changes discussed
  • Recommendations

Next Steps

Based on our joint findings, we may recommend an Cloud Opportunity Assessment Service, a Cloud Readiness Assessment Service, or if the preliminary and planning work had already been done, jump to Cloud Implementation Services. If there are strategic changes in your organization, it may be appropriate to schedule another Cloud Strategy Workshop.


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