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Cloud Professional Services

Purposeful Clouds is determined to provide the right solutions to our customers if and only if they make business sense. We use a process-based approach that builds on short term deliverables while focusing on a long term, Cloud strategy. Essential in this process is the formation of a future state architecture that is constantly reviewed during the migration to the Cloud so that critical system dependencies are not overlooked and there is no impact to the business. We provide the expertise, guidance and insight to identify the best approach for implementing a Cloud solution for a given set of servers and/or applications and how it will affect your existing operations management.

We currently offer specific services in seven areas:

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Cloud Strategy Workshop

We start with a Strategy Workshop. The key element is a half-day on-site highly interactive session. Our deliverable is an Assessment Report that identifies the top 2-3 Cloud opportunities. The report includes the requirements and opportunities, an assessment of your existing environment and the impact on it, the SLA requirements, and a high level transition plan.

Cloud Opportunity Assessment Service

The Business Assessment enables you to determine if adopting alternative cloud sourcing models is feasible and desirable. There are many ways of transforming existing data centers, whether through virtualization, consolidation or Cloud Computing, so the first step is to determine if the business can take advantage of the Cloud. The Business Assessment is focused on analyzing your business strategies and the value associated with Cloud adoption, on aligning the future business demand on IT resources, and on identifying potential risks and impacts to the business. It provides the strategic and financial guidance of aligning IT to business objectives and development of a high level future state architecture to modernize IT operations based on a combination of your existing services in order to provide agility, flexibility and control as a strategic benefit.

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Cloud Readiness Assessment Service

Depending on the specific areas of interest, this offering could be a thorough review of your IT environment or just a simple, less intrusive assessment of any operational issues related to the integration of the Cloud into your operations. In either case, the purpose is to determine the impact a Cloud solution will have on existing infrastructure and to fully understand the integration required to enable the solution with minimal risk. Based on specific needs, the IT assessment can be defined as:

  • A comprehensive data center study that includes servers, applications and/or network and storage with focus on Cloud included within the future state environment. This is a Data Center assessment utilizing Purposeful Clouds assessment tools to analyze existing system configurations, workloads and IT supporting infrastructure/services to determine where and how the implementation of Cloud will be best suited, including a review of:
    • System infrastructure: servers, networking, storage, and security
    • Applications, infrastructure mapping & dependencies
    • Service management and operational considerations
  • A risk vs. value analysis ranking to identify the best systems and/or applications that would benefit from Cloud Computing. Realizing that not all systems/applications would be candidates for a Cloud solution and that integration of the Cloud is a strategy that is implemented over time, Purposeful Clouds conducts the IT assessment as an iterative approach and reviews its findings every step of the way so you can realize the most value, with the least risk, in the shortest amount of time.
  • A high level study of the systems and services that IT manages on a daily basis to determine if Cloud Computing can be integrated into existing operations seamlessly.

Cloud Implementation Services

The Implementation Phase is where your company will actually begin to realize the benefits of Cloud Computing and where the implementation of your business strategy utilizing a Cloud will reduce your TCO and improve your business responsiveness to the ever-changing conditions in the environment. Our Implementation Services are all custom services based on our experience in doing similar engagements with other clients. We will work with your staff, contractors, consultants and partners as you desire. We act as part of your team, including if appropriate using your email address on all correspondence related to the engagement.

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Cloud Review Services

These periodic and special formal reviews provides a chance to reflect on the Cloud implementation and conduct a review of the actual ROI the Cloud has provided. It's an opportunity to shed light on the benefits the Cloud provides your business but also an opportunity to look forward and identify additional opportunities where your organization can benefit from Cloud Computing.

Cloud Security and Compliance Assessment Service

This component provides a review of your current security and compliance requirements. In some cases, there may be conditions that will force us to abandon or at least postpone a specific Cloud opportunity. Purposeful Clouds is committed to ensure that any solution we recommend meets or exceeds the security and compliance requirements you have some to expect from your internal controls and procedures.

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Cloud Consulting Service

For those situations where it is difficult to determine the exact nature or effort required, we offer short and long term consulting services. These services might include:

  • Project management assistance
  • Cloud Service Provider RFP preparation or negotiation assistance
  • Virtualization assistance
  • Thought leadership assistance