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Service Methodology

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Support and Review Phase

The Support and Review Phase provides a chance to reflect on the Cloud implementation and conduct a review of the actual ROI the Cloud has provided. It's an opportunity to shed light on the benefits the Cloud provides your business but also an opportunity to look forward and identify additional opportunities where your organization can benefit from Cloud Computing.

Based on your desires and needs, the Support and Review Service includes:

  • On-going Support coverage
  • Management Services
  • Review Service Level Agreement (SLA) compliance
  • Measure actual ROI
  • Revisit new requirements & opportunities

We'll deliver and review a formal Review Report including any additional areas that we feel might benefit from transitioning to the Cloud. If any of those ideas resonant with you, we will suggest returning to the Planning Phase to see if they make sense. If there are significant opportunities or changes in your business, it may be important to return to the Strategy Phase to take fresh look at where you are and the potential opportunities.

See our Review Services for more information on these services.