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Service Methodology

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Strategy Phase

At Purposeful Clouds, we view each opportunity uniquely. No two businesses are alike, nor are the challenges that each faces. Working with you, we'll review your business strategy, identify your particular requirements, determine if there any adverse risk factors, identify your expected ROI, and recommend specific solutions and applications that may be candidates to move to the Cloud before determining the proper course of action.

Strategy Phase Services Overview

The Strategy Phase determines what, if any, opportunities exist in your business to take advantage of Cloud technology. We start by understanding your business, your goals, and what keeps you up at night. Then we establish the requirements to meet your business goal while ensuring security, compliance, performance and availability goals for the specific Cloud potential opportunities. For each opportunity, we recommend a specific Cloud solution, and deliver a high level transition plan and high level business plan including ROI estimates. The initial Strategy Phase typically implemented with a Purposeful Clouds Strategy Workshop.

Strategy Workshop

This workshop requires joint investment of our team's knowledge and experience with some of your time and understanding to quickly determine if there is a value in going further. The deliverable is our initial assessment of potential for the Cloud opportunities that we believe will provide immediate business value.

When opportunities are found in the Strategy Phase, we recommend moving to the Planning Phase.