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Service Methodology

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Planning Phase

The Planning Phase is where, together, we begin the journey to the Cloud. The Strategy Phase gives us a good understanding of your business strategy. Based on the findings of the Strategy Workshop, we may recommend specific Planning Services.

Based on these services, we will have jointly determined a list of Cloud opportunities that you decide on implementing. The next step is getting you to agree to a prioritization of the opportunities based on the Cloud value they deliver to your business. The analysis would have gone through steps such as:

  • Future state architecture (end-state)
  • Analysis of what should move into the Cloud
  • Analysis of security, disaster recovery, archive, and backup requirements and opportunities
  • Analysis of performance and availability requirements
  • Resource requirements identification
  • Cloud service provider selection

Planning Phase Services Overview

  • Opportunity Assessment Service
    The Cloud Opportunity Assessment is an onsite consulting engagement designed to identify specific solutions within the Cloud that will provide benefit to your organization and identify potential Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) that will be able to satisfy the solution’s requirements. The Opportunity Assessment will also identify the set of workloads potentially suitable for moving to the Cloud. It provides a weighted review of potential CSPs that helps match and rank potential CSPs that satisfy the future business and technical requirements for the identified workloads.
  • Readiness Assessment Service
    The Cloud Readiness Assessment is an onsite consulting engagement that assists you in examining probable workloads that are candidates for deployment as Cloud services and provides specific requirements to facilitate the transformation to the Cloud during the implementation phase.
  • Security and Compliance Assessment Service
    In those cases where data security is a particular concern, we will recommend the Cloud Security and Compliance Assessment Service. This service is an onsite consulting engagement designed to examine and maintain an organization’s security posture by identifying the potential data security risk(s) involved in moving targeted workloads to the Cloud.

When opportunities are found in the Planning Phase, we recommend moving to the Implementation Phase.