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Service Methodology

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Implementation Phase

The Implementation Phase is where your company will actually begin to realize the benefits of Cloud Computing and where the implementation of your business strategy utilizing a Cloud will reduce your TCO and improve your business responsiveness to the ever-changing conditions in the environment.

After careful planning and clear direction, you are on your way. Whether outsourced completely to Purposeful Clouds or working with your IT professionals, Purposeful Clouds has the expertise necessary to guide you every step of your journey. Our implementation services will enable you to rapidly transform your business and harness the power of Cloud Computing. Using the detailed transition plan from the Planning Phase and based on your desires and needs, we provide services and application expertise to support:

  • Integration of a Cloud-based solution with the existing IT infrastructure
  • Cloud management – ongoing management of Cloud Services on behalf of our clients
  • Migration of selected workloads or applications to the Cloud
  • Application consolidation and re-engineering to support the Cloud solution
  • Virtualization implementation
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuance solutions utilizing Cloud Computing
  • Proof of Concept Cloud implementations

See our Implementation Services for some specific examples of these services.

At the end of the implementation, we schedule a meeting to establish the initial baseline and review initial SLAs, and agree on the first Support and Review Phase meeting.