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Cloud Blueprints

At Purposeful Clouds, our Cloud Blueprints provide the basis for standardizing the IT solutions. These Blueprints allow Purposeful Clouds to expedite your adoption of common services and simplify the transition to Cloud Computing based on a reusable model. Our focus is to provide Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solutions that serve as a ready class of services that you can easily adopt as your own, thus providing significant savings early in the adoption of Cloud Computing by reducing the implementation schedule.

There are common services across all lines of business. Purposeful Clouds leverages these commonalities to provide a true utility model leveraging the Cloud as a common platform. This allows us to jointly focus on the services that makes your business unique. This not only increases your ROI but also increases our focus on the more important aspects of your business where the real opportunities and value can be unlocked.

We have or are developing Blueprints in areas such as

  • Basic/Common Blueprints
  • Business Process Blueprints
  • Industry Specific Blueprints:
    • Financial, Mortgage Lending
    • Telecommunications
    • Health Care
    • Automotive, Aerospace, Electronics, CAD/CAM
    • Education
    US Government (Federal, State and military/intelligence)

Our Professional Services usually start with more of a generalist approach until we understand your various workloads, theirrequirements, and the business value and risk of moving them to the Cloud. We then bring our industry expertise and Cloud Blueprints to streamline the delivery of our services.

Take advantage of the work we have already performed and let Purposeful Clouds focus on the specifics of your business and simplify your journey to the Cloud.