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Service Methodology

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Purposeful Clouds takes a sound architectural and holistic approach in transitioning your business to the Cloud. We work with your team to clarify and gain understanding of your business requirements, and we look at the value various services and processes that IT delivers to the business. Then we map where they might transition across all three layers of the Cloud: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS). Right from the start, we consider your unique security and compliance requirements. We next create an optimal Cloud architecture and road map using the right combination of Public, Private, Community or Hybrid Cloud solutions.

The goal: for each of your workloads, determine if it should go into the Cloud now. If so, where in our Cloud Cube does it belong.

We are often asked why we strongly recommend all of these strategy and planning services. For a real-life answer, review a real Public Cloud failure.

Purposeful Clouds Blueprints

We leverage our pre-built popular Cloud solution Blueprints. Based on your specific requirements we customize these Blueprints to deliver highly competitive, secure and robust solutions. Our simple approach uses an iterative process from strategy through delivery, providing measurable benefits and strategic focus throughout.

Choosing a CSP

One of the most important and difficult choices in moving to the Cloud is the choice of a Cloud Service Provider. We use a four-step process and measure candidate CSPs on seven different criteria.

We deliver our services in four phases:

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Strategy Phase

We start by understanding your business and your current processing environment. We provide insight to existing Cloud solutions and recommend specific applications or processes that would benefit from a move to the Cloud with a focus on demonstrating expected ROI.

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Planning Phase

We work with your team to plan the move to the Cloud and to insure no interruption to your existing business.

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Implementation Phase

We can provide the expertise to fully manage your implementation or supplement your staff during the migration.

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Support and Review Phase

We stay with you each step of the journey to ensure you are getting the expected benefits and to take advantage of additional opportunities as your business grows.

What we do for you:

  • We start by understanding your business and current environment.
  • We recommend specific solutions to move to the Cloud, develop requirements, and demonstrate ROI.
  • We identify and secure the right resources.
  • Since we are vendor neutral we pick the best partners who will meet your immediate and longterm needs.
  • We plan the move to insure no interruption to your business.
  • We implement the move.
  • We stay with you each and every step; we are committed to establishing a strategic relationship to ensure you are getting the benefits cloud computing offers and take advantage of additional opportunities as your business grows.