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Cloud Business Startup Kit

If you do not know how to get started in moving your business to the Cloud, the Cloud Business Startup Kit may be the answer. Our Startup Kit is a package of those services and training that we find most companies need to simplify starting your Cloud business. We find it a good starting point to drive the discussion of your unique needs.


We want companies to have a straightforward way to start and grow their Cloud business, and rapidly hit the ground running! Our Cloud Business Startup Kit will enable you to start developing and delivering a new high-growth services revenue source while exceeding or meeting financial goals from your existing businesses. Our methodologies and processes maximize your and your customers’ business value. We have extensively leveraged our expertise working with Managed Service Providers, Telecom Service Providers, Cloud Services Providers, ISVs, and computer hardware or software platform providers to develop and offer the services included in the package.

Startup Kit Contents

Our Cloud Business Startup Kit contains everything you need to get started:

  • Building and Selling Cloud Business (PCA 8102): one class for up to 5 students from your company, delivered remotely.
  • One Webinar for your internal marketing and sales describing the value of the Cloud to them and your customers and how to order your new Cloud services and products.
  • Two identical customized Webinars for your customers based on our existing Thought Leadership webinars.
  • Twenty hours of pre-sales and consulting support.
  • Delivery of one half-day on site Cloud Strategy Workshop to one of your customers.

Move Information

This kit can be customized to meet your unique requirements.

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