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Building Cloud Business Consulting Services


Our Building Cloud Business Consulting Services are perfect for those occasions

  • where the exact deliverables or effort cannot be pre-determined,
  • when an existing defined service does not exactly meet your requirements, or
  • when you wish to combine multiple services into a single engagement.

Our Consulting Services are all custom services based on our experience in doing similar engagements with other clients. For each engagement, we meet with you to understand exactly what you want and then create a Statement of Work (SOW) that defines what we will do and the time frame. Where the effort and scope can be defined we will provide a fixed price proposal; otherwise we will provide an estimated number of hours and a price per hour. The SOW specifies how often we will report on the status of these efforts and how that reporting will be done, plus defines all deliverables from the engagement.

We will work with your staff, contractors, consultants and partners as you desire. We act as part of your team, including if appropriate using your email address on all correspondence related to the engagement.

Consulting services are normally billed at the end of each month for the actual work done in the month.

Examples of specific Cloud Consulting Services

  • Project management assistance
  • Cloud Service Provider RFP preparation or negotiation assistance
  • Assistance with the transition of existing products to virtualization
  • Assistance with sales calls and pre-sales support for early adopters
  • Customization Services to take your existing material "to the Cloud"
  • Retainer consulting engagement: a minimum number of consulting hours per month that you can use for any purpose

Consulting services are normally billed at the end of each month for the actual work done in the month.

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