We will help your business soar in the Cloud marketplace

Building Cloud Business

The phenomenal adoption rate of the Cloud is compelling enterprises, Cloud Service Providers (CSPs), managed service providers (MSPs), and value added resellers (VARs) to restructure and enhance their solution portfolios with Cloud offerings to remain viable and competitive. Purposeful Clouds enables CSPs, MSPs and VARs to build Cloud business that helps simplify their customers’ leverage of the Cloud. Our extensive executive-level experience helps you navigate through internal and external competing forces in starting, maintaining and growing new Cloud business revenues. We help our clients develop and deliver new sustainable high-growth services revenue while exceeding or meeting financial goals from existing businesses. Our methodologies and processes for the Cloud maximize your stakeholders’ value.

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Building Cloud Business

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We help you define, launch and build the Cloud business with an approach and methodology that is innovative and synergistic to your existing and future revenue producing portfolio of products and services. We select the best combination of Cloud technologies, processes, partners, solutions and services. We can help in these areas:

  • Building Cloud Services Business Plan
  • Transition to Cloud Business
  • Building Cloud Product & Services Roadmap
  • Cloud Services Business Development
  • Marketing and Branding Cloud Business
  • Building Cloud Business Community

We provide services to build your Cloud business in four areas:

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Cloud Business Startup Kit

Our Cloud Business Startup Kit is a package of those services and training that we find most companies need to simplify starting your Cloud business. We find it a good starting point to drive the discussion of your unique needs.

Building Thought Leadership

An important part of moving your business to the Cloud is keeping all of your stakeholders aware of why you are moving to the Cloud, how you intend to do it, and what you are doing to identify and mitigate risk to your revenue and business. Then you have to do the same thing for your customers, and show them how can you reduce their risk and provide real business value. The result: you become their trusted advisor.

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For those situations where it is difficult to determine the exact nature or effort required, we offer short and long term consulting services. These services might include:

  • Project management assistance
  • Cloud Service Provider RFP preparation or negotiation assistance
  • Virtualization assistance
  • Assistance with sales calls on early adopters
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Customization Services

We can help customize your existing sales and marketing messages to take advantage of the Cloud. We can create customized training to support your sales and technical training by leveraging your existing training plus our extensive Cloud-related training.