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Our Services

Purposeful Clouds firmly believes that your business needs must drive your technology needs. Moving to the Cloud can provide real business value, but if not done correctly can bring significant risks to your business. Our services are designed around the old carpenter's mantra: "measure twice, cut once."

Moving to the Cloud is not an event, it is a Journey. See our view of this journey and in our first YouTube video.

Service Methodology

Our Service Methodology is built around understanding the real requirements, planning for a smooth transition, implementing that transition, and continuing reviewing to insure that you are meeting your goals and look for new opportunities. Our services help you navigate your journey to the Cloud while realizing value at every step of the way.

We provide services in four areas:

Professional Services

We provide the expertise necessary to help you make strategic decisions regarding the migration of business applications and processes at every step of the way. We assist with the planning, design, transition, and support, while insuring uninterrupted operations and data security.

Purposeful Clouds Academy

Keeping current with the Cloud's burgeoning growth and business value is an absolute must for your organization as you develop and grow your Cloud services business. From "C"-level executive to the IT professional deploying and ultimately leveraging the Cloud's significant benefits, as well as your sales and marketing teams, all will require some level of training on the Cloud. We have designed, developed, deployed an extensive curriculum to totally encompass everything from baseline knowledge to solution-specific training needs.


Cloud Thought Leadership

An important part of moving to the Cloud is keeping all of your stakeholders aware of why you are moving to the Cloud, how you intend to do it, and what you are doing to identify and mitigate risk. These stakeholders include your senior management, auditors, compliance regulators, partners, customers and stockholders. We can help you craft and, if desired, deliver the right message to get and keep these important people on board with your journey to the Cloud.

Cloud Business Services

If your company offers products or services that could benefit from embracing the Cloud, we can help. Our executive-level experience helps you navigate through internal and external competing forces in starting, maintaining and growing new businesses. We have extensive expertise working with Managed Service Providers, Telecom Service Providers, Cloud Services Providers, ISVs, and computer hardware or software platform providers. Building Cloud Services enable you to develop and deliver new sustainable high-growth Cloud services and product revenue while exceeding or meeting financial goals from existing businesses.

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