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Purposeful Clouds Academy is passionately dedicated to providing you with training that is cost-effective, time-effective and learning-effective. The design, development and delivery of our courses will always take full advantage of the latest learning retention-enhancing delivery solutions to facilitate and ensure that you and everyone in your business benefits from the optimum in training and business value.

We offer each of our standard courses in three delivery options:

  1. Classroom
    Facilitator-led on-site classroom experiential learning courses. Each course is composed of modules focused on specific learning goals. Each module is composed of interactive lectures and challenging knowledge reinforcing exercises,a module summary, group discussions, and comprehensive quizzes.
  2. Virtual Classroom
    Facilitator-led Internet-enabled audio and visual course. The content is identical to the Classroom option, with interactive lectures, module summaries, and group discussions. The quizzes and team learning exercises have been modified to fit the Internet-delivery paradigm. Each course is delivered as a series of two- or three-hour on-line sessions that can be spread over multiple days to accommodate your scheduling requirements. This course option usually takes about 75% of the time of the Classroom delivery option.
  3. Distance Learning Facilitator-led Internet-enabled audio and visual presentations. The content is identical to the Classroom option, with lectures and module summaries. Each course is delivered as a series of one-hour sessions composed of 45-50 minutes of lecture and 10-15 minutes of discussion and Q&A. This course option usually takes about 50% of the time of the Classroom delivery option.

The delivery option is the last digit of our course ID. For example, PCA 1002 is the Cloud Business Imperatives course delivered as a Virtual Classroom course.

We deliver to each student prior to the start of a class a participant's handbook. The handbook is provided in printed form for classroom courses, and electronic form for virtual classroom and distance learning courses. The purpose of the handbook is to provide a summary of the course, and a place for the student to take notes.

Dedication To Effective Training

There is a vividly clear, compelling and constant common theme throughout our courses: You will only attain Cloud Computing success when the business decisions drive the technology decisions!

All of our courses give the learner access to both Purposeful Clouds Academy developed and other highly effective tools to plan and simplify their journey to success in the Cloud.

Purposeful Clouds Academy courses will routinely be deployed with Kirkpatrick’s Level One and Two pre- and post-course knowledge evaluations. More exacting levels of learning evaluation and measurement (Kirkpatrick Levels Three and Four) and the appropriate reporting may be added to meet your requirements through our Custom Training Services.

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If you decide, or your marketplace dictates, that formal knowledge certification is a requirement, we will work with you to develop and deploy an effective and defensible certification program. We subscribe to the belief that learning is not a spectator sport; participant’s knowledge levels must be measured and known.

 You may find our White Paper Knowledge testing: A pragmatic look at its use and value from a business perspective of interest.

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