Custom Training Services
tailored for your unique needs

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Purposeful Clouds can create and deliver a custom learning plan to meet your unique requirements. We focus on supporting your Cloud strategy and your staff's initial and desired level of Cloud knowledge. We will listen to your needs and work to understand your business realities.

  • We will tailor our existing courses to focus on your specific areas of need, or create new courses.
  • We will tailor the exercises to exactly match your existing and future IT environments.
  • We will tailor the delivery of the same material to match the needs of different audiences in your organization: executive, sales and marketing, technical, support, ...
  • We will tailor the delivery mechanism and duration options to match your needs, with minimum sacrifice to learning quality and retention.
  • If desired, we will tailor and deliver training to your customers and partners under your brand.

For more information or to arrange for an initial custom learning planning session, please contact us at

We start with our Training Course Development Criteria questionnaire.

When completed, this document provides Purposeful Clouds with baseline information essential to the commencement of a course design, development and delivery project. This exercise aids in the design of training materials and supportive documents that realistically meet the desired goals and outcome of the training to the target audience.

To get quickly started, fill out the questionnaire and send it to to receive a proposal to create your own custom course.