Cloud Security Essentials Course Series
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"Despite security concerns and the expected growth in cloud computing, only 27% of respondents said their organizations have procedures for approving cloud applications that use sensitive or confidential information.."
Source: / Symantec and the Ponemon Institute; findings from a joint survey of IT professionals (April 2010)

The Cloud Security Essentials course provides the essential knowledge for planning and executing a secure transition to Cloud Computing. It starts by looking at the basic security issues organizations face independent of the Cloud, then provides a view of the major compliance and legal requirements you face. It provides a set of ten security questions that you should get answered before moving into the Cloud, then concludes with a discussion on how Cloud Service Providers can impact your data security, positively and negatively.

Course learning emphasis

Nobody notices a clean house, they only notice dust on the furniture. In the same way, you will never be recognized for having a secure IT environment. But you will get noticed if you don’t.

You will have exactly the same critical security requirements as you move to the Cloud. The Cloud simply changes the where, how and who:

  • Where is your data?
  • How is it being accessed?
  • Who can access it?

If something is worth protecting today in your IT environment, it is worth protecting in the Cloud. Likewise, don’t spend time and money securing data beyond what is required.

This initial Cloud security course series will help your management and technical staffs understand both the complexity and opportunity that the Cloud can bring in the security area.

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Course objectives

  • Providing the essential knowledge for a secure transition to Cloud Computing thereby guaranteeing these three critical attributes of your data:
    1. Confidentiality - Only those people who are supposed to see the data can see it
    2. Integrity - Only authorized processes are allowed to modify data and only in very specific ways
    3. Availability - The data is accessible when needed
  • This course will provide your team with the skills and knowledge to make and implement hyper-critical and often business-saving security decisions and actions

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Anyone, at all organizational levels, who will be making strategic or tactical decisions on Cloud Computing security goals, processes, practices and standards.

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Course prerequisites

It is strongly recommended that in the interest of optimal learning value retention that the participants on this course previously attended the Cloud’s Business Imperatives course.

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Course learning modules

  1. Course goals and function
    Setting expectations and creating the learning environment to ensure that your knowledge will ensure that you make and implement hypercritical and often business-saving decisions and actions.
  2. Business issues review
    Understand how the scope and attributes of PaaS, IaaS and SaaS can impact the security of your data. Really know what specifically each of the Cloud services models offer your business for ensuring data security.
  3. Data security overview
    Really understand the 3 major critical business issues of security, performance and uptime. Understand the risks and implications to your business based on where your data exists in the Cloud. Make sure you know what really needs security in the Cloud.
  4. Compliance tutorial
    The knowledge and tools you need to do due diligence on discovering and identifying the implications and risks inherent in all the government, financial, healthcare and international privacy laws to your business.
  5. Cloud security questions The security risk is all yours! Developing the skill to systematically work through 10 critical security questions; what you will learn will be super-critical to making effective Cloud security decisions.
  6. Cloud Service Providers (CSPs)
    Understand how your CSP will be your key partner in a secure journey to the Cloud; make certain you really know and identify the scope, range, risks and potential pitfalls in their offering, and critically measure the CSP against your needs.

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Course delivery logistics

The Cloud Security Essentials course can be delivered in any of our standard delivery options.

Course # Learning delivery methodology Course duration Class size
PCA 5001 Classroom:
Classroom-based facilitator-led and delivered lectures, group discussions, discovery and experiential learning sessions, comprehension quizzes and group and team learning interactive exercises.
8 hour delivery and exercise session with an 8:00AM start
-- or --
8 hours starting at 1:00PM and flowing into the next morning
Min: 5
Max: 16
PCA 5002 Virtual Classroom:
Facilitator-led Internet-enabled audio and visual lectures, group discussions, comprehension quizzes and group and team learning interactive exercises.
Two 3-hour delivery sessions on one day
-- or --
Two 3-hour delivery sessions over two days
Min: 5
Max: 25
PCA 5003 Distance learning:
Facilitator-led Internet-enabled audio and visual lectures with a ten minute question and answer period at the end of each session.
Four 1-hour delivery sessions to meet your schedule requirements Min: 5
Max: 50

The content of the courses is the same across all delivery options. Certain exercises and activities are adapted to work in the virtual or distance learning delivery options. The amount of time for discussions and other group or team learning exercises is also correspondingly adjusted. Custom delivery options are available.

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Your organization's specific additional content, special delivery needs or participation volume requirements may be blended into these courses. For more information, see our custom training services. Please e-mail us at to plan for any customization you require.

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