Purposeful Clouds Partner

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Purposeful Clouds partners with AutoVirt Inc. to provide storage management for unstructured Windows data in the Cloud and to automate the migration of that data into and out of the Cloud.

AutoVirt software eliminates the single biggest obstacle to any data management project: user disruption.

The AutoVirt software platform combines file virtualization technology with a policy engine for automating common data management workflows. With AutoVirt, you can migrate, consolidate, replicate, or tier data without affecting end-user access to networked files.

File virtualization creates a layer of abstraction between physical storage devices and the clients that access them. With file virtualization technology in place in your network, you can manage your data without disrupting end-user access or breaking shortcuts or embedded links. AutoVirt file virtualization further facilitates your management activities by presenting all of your networked storage devices in a single web-based interface.

AutoVirt allows Purposeful Clouds to

  • Measure:
    Accurately predict the appropriate size for a destination target, count the number of files, and measure the amount of free space in a given share, volume, or storage subsystem.
  • Migrate:
    Incremental migrations follow a customizable schedule. AutoVirt will optionally pre-seed the migration target and sync the data to complete the migration eliminating business interruptions.
  • Manage:
    Manage the data throughout its lifecycle.

For more information, see the AutoVirt Resource Page.