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There is a fundamental shift taking place in the way IT Service Organizations deliver and support technology resources. Web-based Application Service Providers are proving to be a reliable, agile alternative to legacy client/server software licensing models. Inside the data center, virtualization and consolidation has forever changed the face of server utilization by demanding resource efficiency and reducing the hardware footprint. Technology-as-a-Service is emerging as the outsourcing trend of the future, where clients pay on demand for not just the software and management of technology infrastructure, but also the infrastructure on which such services operate.

6fusion is an innovative company that has emerged from this new era of utility computing with a refreshing vision for the future, cutting-edge technologies and a unique commercial business model.

6fusion's founders developed an algorithm that radically simplifies the metering, consumption and billing of compute resources. We call this the Workload Allocation Cube, or WAC. The WAC is the most granular and universal metric for metering and delivering cloud computing on the market today.

After we pioneered this revolutionary measurement for utility computing, we built a platform so that consumers could use it. The UC6 Cloud Management Platform (UC stands for "Utility Computing"), is a software platform that allows users anywhere on the planet to scale applications in the cloud from a single console over the internet.

There are two ways in which UC6 can be deployed. The first way is inside a customer's private data center. We call this the 6fusion Enterprise Infrastructure Node, or iNode. Inside the enterprise, UC6 is used to deliver all of the functional benefits of cloud computing, such as workload deployment and control, internal cost allocation and charge back and, most importantly, as an interface to the 6fusion iNode Network, where they can get access to on demand computing resources.

We also work with third party data centers around the world to convert raw data center resources into billable utility Infrastructure Nodes (iNodes). Those data centers make up the 6fusion iNode Network. Think of us as the company that helps data center providers, hardware companies and network operators make the quantum leap into the cloud computing service provider market. And, more importantly, connect to enterprise and public sector customers, IT Service Providers and Independent Software Vendors that are driving demand for multi-tenant, pay per use IaaS.

For more information, please visit www.6fusion.com.