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Sales Professional

Position Description

WANTED: an experienced IT and business consultative salesperson for the Purposeful Clouds services and training that helps businesses make strategic decisions on migrating their business or mission critical business applications to the Cloud.>/p>

Our extensive and powerful services and training portfolio assists with and enables the planning, design, transition, and support critical to a successful Cloud transition, while assuring uninterrupted business operations and data security by forcefully addressing these issues:

  1. Is there real value in moving our business to the Cloud?
  2. How do we get started with the Cloud?
  3. How does my business and IT meet my security and performance goals in the Cloud?
  4. How can I smoothly transition into the cloud without disruption to my business or customers?
  5. How can I stay current with the Cloud's burgeoning growth and business value?

Target market goals

  • Expand the direct sales and marketing capability to enable services and training revenue growth
  • Grow the scope, speed, capability and “outreach” of services and training selling beyond the current channels-only option
  • Expand marketing efforts, market awareness creation and recognition beyond our Website and existing sales and marketing activities
  • Reduce sales cycle time, get reference accounts, and build marketplace credibility
  • Provide us with the benefits of new and diverse opinions and ideas

Our target market is businesses motivated to reduce IT costs, or better enable their teams with Cloud business. In general, these are businesses that depend on IT, but IT is not their core competency. We will help these businesses determine which Cloud Computing solutions is best harmonized to their unique business and technology requirements; with a totally vendor neutral stance.

Sales professional's profile

Our sales professional must possess a strong competitive drive, an assertive personality, an outgoing demeanor and a resilient outlook. They must be capable of working independently and maintaining a fast pace. Adaptability, self-organization, tenacity, resourcefulness and intuition are among the personal assets we seek.

  • 10+ years of major IT company services, solution and application sales experience
  • Experienced in, and comfortable with, a fully consultative team selling approach
  • A “hunter” type personality and selling approach
  • Comfortable with, and capable of researching, producing, driving and controlling their own leads and prospects
  • US based near a major airport
  • A person used to instigating, driving and managing short sales cycles
  • A person who will without delay accept, support and thrive in the Purposeful Clouds culture
  • Willing to travel up to 25% of your time
  • BA or BS in business, IT or related field
  • A working professional’s familiarity with Internet tools and E-mail applications, and Microsoft Office

Our work environment and culture

Purposeful Clouds lives and works in the Cloud. We do not provide an office, a cafeteria, or a time clock. Our organization is very flat; everyone reports to a member of the senior executive team. We are an agile and creative organization that makes decisions quickly. We work really hard to not fill our days with meetings.

Our team members are independent contractors. We expect you to make commitments to complete tasks, and complete them professionally and on time. We expect you to let us know when problems arise that may impact schedules. We do not demand, nor do we expect, that you are devoted 100% to Purposeful Clouds. You are free to pursue other personal and professional interests that do not violate Purposeful Clouds proprietary information.

We reward our team members primarily based on the revenue they bring into the company, either individually or as part of a team.

  • We want a person who can work independently without much supervision, but who also can work with small geographically disjointed teams to successfully accomplish sales engagements.
  • We want a confident person with excellent verbal and written communications skills.
  • On the other hand, we want someone with a demonstrable ability to quickly learn new skills. The Cloud is constantly evolving and we must all rapidly evolve with it.
  • We want a person who can think on their feet, who is not afraid to take risks, yet knows when to say "I don't know" and seek help from their team mates.
  • We want people with thick skins that can take active part in hard-hitting discussions on process and direction, and do not mind when their thoughts and writings are edited.

Remuneration and incentive plan

We will negotiate with the candidate to develop sales quotas and a commission-based remuneration plan.


We provide time-effective coaching and training specifically focused to your knowledge needs. Our goal is to get you selling immediately.


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About Purposeful Clouds

Purposeful Clouds provides consulting and training services to large and small organizations looking to save significantly on IT costs by using Cloud computing technology. These organizations rely on Purposeful Clouds experts to simplify their journey to the Cloud as they transition their business, applications and processes. Because Purposeful Clouds is vendor neutral they select the best-in-class combination of technologies, Cloud Service Providers, products and services to meet the client's specific short- and long-term business and technology needs.

Purposeful Clouds is an equal opportunity employeer and does not discriminate in their business activities or employment practices based on race, color, national origin, sex, disability, age, religion, ancestry or any other legally protected classification. All we consider is whether you can do the job and legally work in the U.S.

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