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Join our team of Cloud experts, as we become a most trusted advisor to businesses both small and large by helping them maximize their business value through Cloud Computing solutions. You will work in the company of practitioners representing a unique culture and blend of mutual respect and integrity that always recognizes your individual value, contribution and growth.

Purposeful Clouds makes money by offering our Cloud assessment, training and consulting services to our direct customers and to our partner's customers. Sometimes we wear our hats; sometimes we wear our partner's hats. We deliver these services live and over the Internet as appropriate for each engagement.

Working at Purposeful Clouds

Purposeful Clouds lives and works in the Cloud. We do not provide an office, a cafeteria, nor a time clock. Our organization is very flat; everyone reports to a member of the senior executive team. We are an agile and creative organization that makes decisions quickly. We work real hard to not fill our days with meetings.

Our team members are independent contractors. We expect you to make commitments to complete tasks, and complete them professionally and on time. We expect you to let us know when problems arise that may impact schedules. We do not demand, nor do we expect, that you are devoted 100% to Purposeful Clouds. You are free to pursue other personal and professional interests that do not violate Purposeful Clouds proprietary information.

We reward our team members primarily based on the revenue they bring into the company, either individually or as part of a team.

Who we want

  • We want people who can work independently without much supervision, but who also can work with small geographically disjointed teams to successfully accomplish fairly short service engagements.
  • We want confident people with excellent verbal and written communications skills, who can communicate with people from the CEO of a Fortune 500 company to the techs in the IT department.
  • We want people with experience in the areas of our needs. We are not a training ground.
  • On the other hand, we want people with a demonstrated ability to quickly learn new skills. The Cloud is constantly evolving and we must evolve with it.
  • We want people who can think on their feet, are not afraid to take risks, yet know when to say "I don't know."
  • We want people with thick skins, that can take active part in discussions on process and direction, and do not mind when their throughts and writings are edited (sometimes severely).

The three questions we always ask:

  1. Can you do the job?
  2. Do you want to do the job?
  3. Do you fit into our culture?

Currently looking for...

  • Service Delivery Personnel
    We are looking for people who have experience delivering technical workshops, and discovery and assessment services in the IT field. Travel expectation: up to 50%.
  • Training Delivery Personnel
    We are looking for skilled training facilitators who can effectively deliver business and technical courses and learning exercises in both an experiential learning classroom environment and interactively over the Internet. Travel expectation: less than 20%.
  • Sales Professionals
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Purposeful Clouds is an equal opportunity employeer. All we consider is whether you can do the job and legally work in the U.S.