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You are free to use these White Papers in their entirety as long as the content is not modified and the Purposeful Clouds logo and copyright notice are preserved. You are also free to quote small passages with attribution to the original White Paper either by Title and Purposeful Clouds name, or by attaching a link to the original document. For any other usage, please contact us at info@PurposefulClouds.com or visit the Contact Us page.

General Cloud White Papers

 The Cloud with No Jargon
The most frequently asked question about Cloud Computing is “What is it?” Usually followed by “Why should I care?” This paper answers both questions in simple English. (Walt Lapinsky, March 2011)
 Getting Started in the Cloud
How do you actually get to the Cloud? This paper provides a recipe on how to move a workload into the Cloud. (Walt Lapinsky, March 2011)
Arrow Electronics published this white paper in January 2012.

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Cloud Training White Papers

 Get their heads into the Cloud
Business school curriculums must qualify future corporate leaders to reach workable “bet-your-business” Cloud Computing decisions. (David Tonkin, December 2011)
 The Business Case for Training
If you want your training to play an effective role in the success of your business, then sensible course design, focused content choices and optimum delivery media selections are essential for cost, time and learning effectiveness. (David Tonkin, March 2011)
 Selecting the Right Training for Business Success in the Cloud
Thoughts on the right ingredients for training that will help your business make effective Cloud Computing decisions. (David Tonkin, February 2011)
 Knowledge testing: A pragmatic look at its use and value from a business perspective
Stop and think before you decide to test your people’s knowledge and skills. Determine what you want and what the results will actually tell you first. (David Tonkin, March 2011)
 Winning Cloud Computing Solution Sales Campaigns
Systematically ensuring that your sales professionals have the knowledge, tools and skills to conduct Cloud Computing sales campaigns that win revenue and profit! (David Tonkin, February 2011)

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Cloud Security White Papers

 Security and the Cloud?
You want to move to the Cloud, but have heard horror stories about how the Cloud is not secure. How do you determine if the Cloud is right for your workloads? (Walt Lapinsky, February 2011)

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