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Cloud Commentaries, a Quarterly Newsletter

We publish these quarterly newsletters to provide information to our customers, partners and anyone interested in Cloud Computing. If you wish to receive an email when we publish each issue, simply email with "subscribe" in the subject line.

We invite you to provide feedback and suggestions on how we can make these newsletters more informative and educational. Please use our Contact Us form or email us at

Vol 1 No 1: Second Quarter 2013

Download the Newsletter.

Welcome to the first edition of our quarterly newsletter!

By Chander Khanna, Founder & CEO

Since 2008 we have concentrated on tracking, evaluating and proposing the “best in class” Cloud Computing solutions to help businesses become more productive, efficient and competitive. During this time, the Cloud Computing paradigm evolved appreciably. [Read more]

The State of the Cloud. Is the Cloud living up to the hype?

Purposeful View by Walt Lapinsky, VP Cloud Security

It often appears that Cloud Computing has not taken hold as much as we were told it would. Probably true, but there is a lot more Cloud usage than you might ever believe. Even in your own company there are probably several Cloud endeavors driven from the bottom, not IT. [Read more]

How can you maximize your business benefits with our Cloud Services?

By David Tonkin, VP Purposeful Clouds Academy

We, at Purposeful Clouds take a sound architectural and holistic approach in transitioning your business to the Cloud by working with your team to clarify and understand your business requirements, and then we look at the value of various services and processes that IT delivers to the business. [Read more]

This cube is the starting point for your journey to the Cloud!

By Chander Khanna, Founder & CEO

Evaluating and positioning your datacenter applications or workloads in the Cloud can be tricky. The Cloud is not a product; it is a concept. [Read more]

Cloud marketplace comments

By Chander Khanna, Founder & CEO

The Cloud Computing marketplace encompasses Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) delivering their services to two distinct large user groups: consumers and businesses. [Read more]

What’s new on the Purposeful Clouds website?

By Walt Lapinsky, VP Cloud Security

Our website will always offer you a lot of information! [Read more]

The interview column

David Tonkin interviews Alma Redhead the host of the bi-weekly Purposeful Clouds Blog Talk Radio show. Alma is also our Cloud Transition Manager. [Read more]

Cloud security corner

By Walt Lapinsky, VP Cloud Security

Every day we hear about new attacks by cyber-criminals and eco-terrorists attacking companies of all sizes for financial or intellectual gains, or just to cause disruption. [Read more]

Cloud training quadrangle

By David Tonkin, VP Purposeful Clouds Academy

Tell me your Cloud Computing woes … then I will tell you what training you should have taken! [Read more]

New thought leadership offerings

What are the topics we have been talking about recently? [Read more]

Meet the Purposeful Clouds team

Chander has over 25 years of experience in the global deployment of enterprise solutions, software systems and technology services. [Read more]