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Some of our management team post Cloud-related blog entries. We hope you find them both interesting and informative.If you would like to comment on any of these blogs, please do so on the blog itself, use our Contact Us form, or email us at talk@PurposefulClouds.com.

Founder & CEO Blogs

All of Chander's Blogs

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David W. Tonkin, Advisory Council, Blogs

  • Is Cloud Security Training Critical?
    In a recent survey 86% of the respondents said that security concerns about protecting their organization’s data is the leading factor in driving them to seek Cloud security training.
  • What is Training?
    How much do (or should) people like Braque or Byron influence your business training programs?
  • Would you pay to watch an infomercial?
    Do not pay for a training course that limits itself to delivering knowledge on only one potential solution, approach or product to solve your business issue.

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VP Cloud Security Blogs

Most recent blogs:

Plus over 100 more Cloud-related posts.