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This page hosts all download files for PurposefulClouds.com.


Services Data Sheet

Cloud Strategy Workshop

Pre-workshop questionaire
Workshop sample report
Cloud Strategy Workshop Data Sheet

Cloud Opportunity Assessment

Opportunity Assessment sample report
Cloud Opportunity Assessment Data Sheet

Cloud Readiness Assessment

Readiness Assessment sample report
Cloud Readiness Assessment Data Sheet

Cloud Security and Compliance Assessment

Security Assessment sample report
Cloud Security and Compliance Assessment Data Sheet

Cloud Implementation Services

Cloud Implementation Services Data Sheet

Cloud Review Services

Cloud Review Services Data Sheet

Cloud Consulting Services

Cloud Consulting Services Data Sheet

Cloud Thought Leadership

Cloud Business Value Webinar Data Sheet
Cloud Security Overview Webinar Data Sheet
Cloud Service Provider Webinar Data Sheet
Your Journey to the Cloud Webinar Data Sheet

Building Cloud Business

Cloud Business Startup Kit Data Sheet
Building Thought Leadership Data Sheet
Consultling Services Data Sheet
Customization Services Data Sheet

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Knowledge Center

Knowledge Center Website Rolling Presentation
PCI Compliance Overview
Unisys Stealth Solution for Network

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Purposeful Views

Is the Cloud living up to the hype?
Find silver linings in the current economic Clouds to align your businesses with the right set of Cloud solutions
The Cloud is no longer just IT vernacular in the CIOs domain; ever growing numbers of CEOs, CFOs and COOs recognize it as an excellent business tool
Once again, Congress bails on a cybersecurity bill
Automating Agile Software Development, DevOps in the Cloud deliver customer focused high quality code rapidly at substantial savings!!!
Google CIO Ben Fried Says Cloud Tipping Point Is At Hand
Will Open Source Clouds rule Private and Hybrid Clouds?
A lesson from the last print edition of the Encyclopaedia Britannica
A look at the TechTarget 2012 Global IT Forecast
Keeping security up-to-date
Cloudy Cloud comprehension can cause business calamity
Amazon S3 Encryption
Hurricane Irene and why disaster recovery belongs in the Clouds
The environmental impacts of Cloud Computing
Integrating Cloud Services into the Enterprise
Time to Declare War on Hackers
PCI DSS 2.0 Compliance
Amazon EC2 Outage

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Volume 1 Number 1: Second Quarter 2013

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White Papers


The Cloud with No Jargon
Getting Started in the Cloud
Security and the Cloud?

Purposeful Clouds Academy

Get their heads into the Cloud
The Business Case for Training
Selecting the Right Training for Business Success
Knowledge testing: A pragmatic look at its use and value from a business perspective
Winning Cloud Computing Solution Sales Campaigns

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Purposeful Clouds Academy

Purposeful Clouds Academy Data Sheet


PCA Course Catalog
PCA Learning Requirements Criteria
PCA Website Rolling Presentation
PCA 1002 Sample Handbook

PCA 1000 Series (Cloud's Business Imperatives)

PCA 1000 Abstract
PCA 1000 Brochure
PCA 1000 Data Sheet

PCA 1030 Series (Selecting a Cloud Service Provider)

PCA 1030 Abstract
PCA 1030 Brochure
PCA 1030 Data Sheet

PCA 3000 Series (Cloud Knowledge Fundamentals)

PCA 3000 Data Sheet

PCA 3100 Series (Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Fundamentals)

PCA 3100 Abstract
PCA 3100 Brochure
PCA 3100 Data Sheet

PCA 3200 Series (Platform as a Service (PaaS) Fundamentals)

PCA 3200 Abstract
PCA 3200 Brochure
PCA 3200 Data Sheet

PCA 3300 Series (Software as a Service (Saas) Fundamentals)

PCA 3300 Abstract
PCA 3300 Data Sheet

PCA 3500 Series (Cloud Security and Compliance)

PCA 3500 Data Sheet

PCA 5000 Series (Cloud Security Essentials)

PCA 5000 Abstract
PCA 5000 Brochure
PCA 5000 Data Sheet

PCA 8000 Series (Building Cloud Business)

PCA 8000 Abstract
PCA 8000 Brochure
PCA 8000 Data Sheet

PCA 8030 Series (Secrets to Selling Cloud Business)

PCA 8030 Abstract
PCA 8030 Brochure
PCA 8030 Data Sheet

PCA 8100 Series (Building and to Selling Cloud Business)

PCA 8100 Data Sheet

Executive Seminars

"Security and Compliance" Data Sheet

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Microsoft Azure

Azure Security Webinar
Apps in the Microsoft Cloud

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Sales Professional Job Description

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